Choose legislation in Vermont to be heard on!

Once you’re signed up, go to your Record Message page:

Enter the Bill ID to identify the legislation you’re calling on

Select a Position by choosing “Support” or “Oppose”

Designate a Legislator to receive your voice message

Click “Call Me Now” and our nifty little website will call your phone.

You have one minute to tell your legislator how you feel. 

Press “#” when you’re done recording, then listen for the options to continue:

press 1 to send the message

press 2 to listen to the message

press 3 to delete and re-record

Your legislator’s phone will never even ring, so you won’t have to speak to anyone in person. Call anytime of day or night without worrying about waking your legislator up or getting into a debate!

You’ll even receive an email notification when your legislator has listened to your voice message!

Want to learn more about how it all works? Watch the video below!



Check out this tutorial video

We were asked to produce this “how to” video for an advocacy organization who just launched their call campaign:



Do you work with an advocacy organization in Vermont?

NewGrassRoots allows organizations to conduct and measure phone-call campaigns, to maximize the resources spent inspiring meaningful action from supports. Whether you’re an independent advocate running on pure passion, or you’re a staffer for a well-oiled advocacy machine, in the end it’s all about impacting how legislators vote. The best way to do that is to inspire constituents to contact their legislators in a meaningful, measurable way!

Personal phone calls to legislators are a high-impact form of engagement proven to have a greater influence on how legislators vote than “canned” emails or digital petitions. NewGrassRoots provides you with real-time call statistics so you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of your campaign, giving you huge leverage in conversations with specific legislators.

NewGrassRoots provides advocates unique insights into constituent and legislator behavior, like if/when emails are opened by legislators and which voice messages have been listened to. NewGrassRoots helps you quantify the success of call campaigns like never before, for clearer, data-driven decisions that improve outcomes. 

Contact us at to start a free account for organizations!