Choose active legislation in Vermont to be heard on!

Go to the Record Message page from your account dashboard:

1) Enter the Bill ID to identify the legislation you’re calling on

2) Indicate your Position by selecting “Support” or “Oppose”

3) Designate a Legislator to receive your voice message

Click “Call Me Now” and our nifty little website will call your phone.

You’ll have up to one minute to tell your legislator how you feel. Use touch-tone options to listen to your voice message before sending and re-record until you’re satisfied. Then press #1 to fire away and flex your political muscles! Their phone will never even ring, so you never have to worry about speaking to anyone in person or calling outside of business hours.

You’ll even receive an email when your legislator has listened to your voice message!



Do you organize on specific legislation?

NewGrassRoots will maximize your effort to inspire meaningful action from your friends and supports. Whether you’re an independent organizer running on passion, or a paid staffer for a well-oiled machine, in the end it’s all about impacting how legislators vote.

Financial supporters want to see that their resources are being measured against key metrics for success. Phone calls to legislators are a solid metric to measure costs of, because calling is a high-value action for constituents and is proven to influence how legislators vote. NewGrassRoots provides you with statistics to measure success and improve outcomes.

Our tools for organizing targeted call-campaigns provide unique insights into constituent and legislator habits, like if/when emails are opened by legislators and whether messages are being listened to. NewGrassRoots helps you quantify the success of call campaigns like never before, allowing clearer data-driven decisions.

Just imagine if you no longer had to ask legislators how many calls they received. The conversation takes on a much different dynamic when you have solid data that removes the plausible deniability that comes with ambiguity!

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