Do you pay attention to the Vermont legislature? We do, and have since 2013. Very closely.

Have you ever noticed…no one keeps track of majority opinion on specific bills? That should be important data in a “representative democracy.” Right?! Have you ever wondered how your opinion on certain issues compares to popular opinion in your district?

We believe voters, advocacy groups, the business community and legislators would all find district-based opinion data fascinating, regardless of politics. What do you think? 

Everyone has a role to play and the future is built in the here and now. We’re here to help every voter do your part and make your voice heard.

NewGrassRoots is a legislative engagement platform that:

illuminates public opinion on a per-district, per-issue basis;

for the knowledge and benefit of the public commons;

by providing a universal access to a dynamic, voter-centric feedback loop;

intentionally designed to cultivate meaningful, measurable mass-participation in the legislative process;

to establish a “trust but verify” relationship between voters, advocacy groups and legislators. 

Voters *must* be able to answer fundamental questions, with verifiable data, before claiming to be a truly “representative” democracy:

1. How can a legislative proposal have overwhelming popular-support year after year, but still never get enacted into law?!

2. Which specific legislators do, and don’t, represent their district?!

3. Shouldn’t legislators provide their reasoning to voters when voting on a bill in a way that does NOT represents majority opinion?!

4. Are legislators incentivized to care what the opinion of their district is?!

5. Do voters truly want a “democracy,” in which they would have to think for themselves and regularly participate in the process?!

Want to hear something cool about how we help motivate voters to participate in the legislative process?

In our system you can actually win prizes, just for telling legislators what you think about the issues you already care about.

It’s not going to be easy making democracy truly representative. So we figured we may as well try and have some fun along the way!

“Democracy” is a process, for collective decision making. Our process of decision making is severely corrupted right now, by a variety of factors.

It’s losing the trust of voters who know it’s a corrupted process. That’s why the questions above can’t be answered, with data, yet. 

But there’s hope!

If we can all commit to figuring out how to re-imagine the process for “representative democracy,” from the ground up, then together we can inspire more participation in a way that gets people excited about building the future we collectively decide we want to live in.

It all starts with you! Join the conversation now.