Privacy Policy

NewGrassRoots is a service provided by NewGrassRoots LLC. NewGrassRoots LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors and users. We have established this privacy policy to explain in detail what information we collect and how we use it.

NewGrassRoots collects personal information in order to help our users communicate directly with legislators. We take great care to ensure that this information remains private. We do not sell our user information, nor do we distribute any personal user data for any purpose other than providing you with the information and services you have requested.

If you have any questions about our security practices or this policy, please contact us at Please read below for our complete privacy policy, and check this page periodically for alterations or amendments – we will occasionally modify this policy in order to ensure that it contains current information about our privacy practices.

Do not use this site or provide us with information if you do not agree with all of the terms.



NewGrassRoots uses Google Analytics to monitor user traffic and visitor trends on the NewGrassRoots website. When you visit the NewGrassRoots website, we record basic information such as your IP address, referral source, browser type, and the date and time of your visit. We use this data only on an aggregate basis – for example, to know which pages are most popular or how many people visit the site on a given day. This information helps us improve the NewGrassRoots site and our voice message delivery services. We do not link this information to your NewGrassRoots account or identity.


When you register for an account or use NewGrassRoots to send a voice message to your legislator, we do store personally identifiable information, including your name, address, email address, phone number and other identifying information.

Information you provide will be used primarily to provide you with the services made available by NewGrassRoots (“Services”) according to your request. For example:

  • If you send a voice message to your legislator, we provide your name, town, email address, and phone number so they can verify your identity as a constituent and contact you in response to your message.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer for a prolonged period of time that make NewGrassRoots easier to use by saving your status and preferences. We use session cookies to keep track of the information you enter while you fill out a registration form. To simplify registration and login, we may use cookies to recognize when you return to NewGrassRoots. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but you may be able to change the settings to refuse cookies or to be alerted when cookies are being sent.


We may disclose personally identifiable information about you to third parties in limited circumstances, including: (1) with your consent; or (2) when we have a good-faith belief it is required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order.

If we are required by law to disclose the information that you have submitted, we will attempt to provide you with notice (unless we are prohibited) that a request for your information has been made in order to give you an opportunity to object to the disclosure. We will attempt to provide this notice by email if you have given us an email address, or by postal mail if you have entered a postal address. If you do not challenge the disclosure request, we may be legally required to turn over your information.

In addition, we will independently object to requests for access to information about users of our site that we believe to be improper.


NewGrassRoots works with third party service providers and partners to verify your address, send out our newsletter, send your voice messages to legislators, and to otherwise assist us in providing our service to you, and we transmit your information them for these purposes. We do not share any information with these service providers or partners beyond what is necessary to provide you with their services.

We do not sell your information and neither do our service providers or partners. As of the date of this privacy policy [January 20, 2015] our third party service providers and partners with whom we share your information are:

  • SmartyStreets: SmartyStreets helps us map your physical address and ensure that your information is valid (SmartyStreets privacy policy)
  • Tropo: We use Tropo’s services to record voice messages, call users’ telephones, utilize voice recognition and send text messages (Tropo’s privacy policy)
  • MailChimp: We may rely on MailChimp to send you email reminders and notifications (MailChimp’s privacy policy)
  • OpenStates: We use to cross reference legislative data and verify which district a user should be assigned to (OpenStates privacy policy)

Our third party service providers and partners may change from time to time, and we will endeavor to update the list on our privacy policy promptly after any such change. If you have any questions about how we, or any of our service providers or partners, use your information, or if you would like to know if we have made any changes to our service providers or partners since the date of this privacy policy, please contact us at


If you’re signing up via one of our partnering organizations, this partner also has access to your personal data and general information about the services we provide you, and may contact you separately. Our partners are committed to your privacy and do not sell your information.


NewGrassRoots uses industry-standard security measures to protect the information you provide to us. Information you submit is encrypted through a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) connection, which protects the data in transit. We also encrypt all communication with our mail services provider to ensure that your data remains secure when being transmitted.

Although we make good faith efforts to store information securely, we cannot guarantee complete security. NewGrassRoots shall not be responsible for any harm that you or any person may suffer as a result of a breach of confidentiality of any information you transmit to the NewGrassRoots site.

Updating or Removing Your Information

You may choose to correct, update, or delete the user information you have submitted to us. However, please understand that deleted information may persist in our backup files.

Children’s Privacy

NewGrassRoots is intended for voting-age adults and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child under age 13 who you believe has submitted personal information to us, please contact us immediately at